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Virus removal

We perform virus, ransomware, trojan, worm, rootkit, etc removal and repair upon infected or speculated to be infected.

Desktop/Laptop Repair

We perform reinstallations for operating systems, repair defective parts, and perform maintenance upon request..

Offsite Backup Services

Partnered with BarracudaMSP services, we provide a top-grade offsite cloud backup solution for both small business and residental customers

Why choose us?

Unison Micro was established in 1988 to meet the growing needs of computer users in the Hall County area. Our headquarters consists of a local shop, with check-in, waiting area, and our repair stations which are all within sight of the front door so we can give you a custom, professional approach to your problems. We perform a range of professional services involving service calls to residential and small business, or our in-office services that range from PC hardware/software, to network solutions and applications, and disaster recovery/virus removal. Our primary customer base is small to medium sized businesses including law firms, accountants, manufacturers, tradesmen, retail, finance, medical, dental, and many others. We also do a considerable number of service calls and drop-off work for individual residential customers.

Our partners

Here are some of the excellent businesses with work in tandem with.

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Contact us

Located right by Jack's Vacuums, we can be located down the hill where Washington Street meets John W Morrow Jr Parkway. Contact info is below if requested.